Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween

Isabelle had a great Halloween, she loved trick-or-treating and came home with a boat load of candy, that we keep eating! Here she is with our neighbor friends that night. The other pics are of her school party a few days before. She is one cute Ariel.


When most kids learn to crawl their moms get photos of them on their hands and knees, rocking back and forth and what not, my kid....not so much! Here is where we found him a few days ago!

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's a christmas miracle....(name the movie)

Isabelle is so proud of herself! She finally learned how to go all the way under the water while laying on her back. She has been terrified of water for a long time, but she came a long way this summer. Last night she kept showing me how she could go all the way under, then when she came out she'd yell "I did it", (really loud of course). Also notice her awesome barbie goggles, couldn't do it without them (even though she still closes her eyes). I added the picture of Sawyer because it's one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen of him.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Isabelle's first day of school

Here is Izzy on her first day of school. She's not too sure about the whole thing, but she was very excited to wear her backpack and hold her lunch box. Since school started, she's decided that she doesn't like mommy leaving very much. I had to go pick her up early once last week and yesterday she cried for an hour. I felt bad, but it's life and she has to get used to it. The teacher's keep telling me that she'll change soon. (I hope).

Not so sure about this school thing